Road Department

Yard Waste Drop-off information

***Please don’t Pollute*****

Follow these Stormwater Tips

  • Don’t dispose of oil and other chemicals onto driveways, streets or storm drains. Use a recycling center.
  • Wash your car at commercial car washes that recycle their wastewater.
  • Dispose of all chemicals according to the instructions on the containers.
  • Sweep driveways instead of hosing.
  • Do not overwater lawns and gardens.
  • Reduce the amount of fertilizers and pesticides you apply to your lawn and landscaping.
  • Place trash in closed containers and pick up litter from others.
  • Have your car tuned up and make sure it’s not leaking fluids.
  • Pick up after your pets when you walk them.

If you see illicit discharge or dumping, please contact the St. Clair County Storm Water Hotline at 618-825-2690 for more information. All public inquiries and complaints will be responded to and recorded.


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