Road Department

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The highway commissioner in each road district comprised of a single township is an officer of that township. The township highway commissioner has all the road district roads under his or her jurisdiction except those inside incorporated cities and villages. He or she is responsible for their construction and maintenance to the extent that the electors provide him or her with the funds for such. The commissioner can only do that which the statutes say he or she can do, and he or she has no authority beyond that point.

The highway commissioner has the authority to purchase, lease or to finance the purchase of highway construction and maintenance equipment.

A highway commissioner has authority to make agreements with the highway commissioner of any other road district or with the corporate authorities of any municipality located in the same county or in an adjoining county or with the county board or the county in which such road district is located, for the lease or exchange of idle machinery, equipment or tools belonging to the district upon such terms and conditions as may be mutually agreed upon.

St. Clair Township maintains 66 miles of roads including snow removal & road maintenance.  If you live inside Village of Swansea limits, your roads are maintained by Swansea Street Department.